The World's Most Overpriced Holden Is Being Auctioned Off

Attention hardcore collectors and money wasting enthusiasts: this one's for you.

Fancy buying the rarest Holden Monaro in the country? Now's your chance.

A Brisbane man is selling the second of only two Holden Monaro HRT 427 Concept cars on eBay right now for the paltry sum of just $1 million.

The car has zero kilometres on the clock and its sister currently sits in the Holden Museum in Melbourne.

Not that you'd ever drive it if you bought it, but if you did you'd have a 7-litre V8 racing motor under the bonnet that pumps out a whopping 560 brake horsepower per tonne. The top speed? Oh, just shy of 300km/h. Nothing serious.

It'd certainly make a trip to the shops that much more lively. [eBay]



    These things were the sickest peice of equipment holden have ever built IMO

    its a shame the whole project was cancelled :(

    Hmmm, $1m for a coupe Commodore with a big engine, or choice of Lambo/Ferrari/Porsche/SLS AMG/RHD converted Mustang/Etc with plenty of change to spare...

      I'm being a little harsh I guess, as this is a 'collectible' as opposed to the cars I mentioned which are supposed to be driven and not sit in a garage somewhere. But even still, there are plenty of other more desirable collectible cars out there you could buy with $1m.

        for collectors car, you can probably buy a Jag E-type and a Lancia Stratos with enough change to buy a porsche as an everyday car.

    People collect things for many reasons, judging any decision the purchaser makes or pays based purely on the face value of the car is a little harsh.

    Most people have things that are worthless to others but hold value for themselves.

      Anyone who buys a $1m Holden deserves to be judged harshly.

    Less than 300km/h top speed from 7L V8? That doesn't sound right - the old 5.7L motor could easily crack 250km/h stock!

      law of diminishing returns. at that speed, aerodynamics is more important.

      Holden engineering at best.

      "bigga is fasta, drive a reel Car Mayte!"

    How does it have 0 k's on the clock? he was driving it on today tonight/ACA like 2 nights ago?

    Last edited 21/03/13 11:04 am

      because its got amazin australian odomoter engineering that doesnt count "cruisin" as real driving so excludes it from the clock

    Sold in April 08 for $920k then again June 10 for $350k damm thats gotta hurt! Also I actually thought the engine looked different to that and had the carbon fiber trumpets not the usual looking bannanas with the intakes. hmmmm

    I'll stick with my 600hp Toyota Supra that only cost me $50k, looks a butt load better and won't break down. Thanks.

    Last edited 21/03/13 11:42 am

      Hope you can pull together some NOS before Race Wars.

        Nah. Last time I did that I blew the welds on my intake and my floor pan fell out.

          Plus you granny shifted when you should have double clutched.

          remember, make it a ten second car... not a ten minute car.

          If that happens, or if there's a failure to your Motec exhaust, just close the laptop screen, she'll be right.

    what a stupid looking, over priced heap of useless shit.

    " and won't break down "
    " I blew the welds on my intake and my floor pan fell out "


      haha to think that you thought that "I blew the welds on my intake and my floor pan fell out" is actually possible goes to show that you really don't get the reference or how cars work.

    As an owner of one of the last Monaros made they are an awesome car to drive. Not sure worth the $1m though. Getting in and out being 6ft 3" is still difficult compared to SUV but the rumble of the engine is worth every comment about "....does flannel come with that...."

    A piece of art isn't really worth millions in canvas and paint either, that is the thing with collectable items, what they are worth and what people pay is very different.
    Given this thing is a concept car it probably can't even be registered either. If you really wanted a 427 Monaro then one could be built for about 45K (including the car) through local performance shops.
    Usually those that are quick to dismiss anything Holden put out as rubbish also believe the VW they are driving is a luxury car (even though many are built in Mexico and South Africa now).

    That add screams fake, it almost entirely composed of copy and pastes and the pictures are photos of pictures displayed on a computer screen!!!

      I reported it to eBay as a fraudulent listing. Newly registered member with one feedback wants to rake in $1mil on a wonky listing?! No words.

      Its a legit listing, the guy was on ACA/TT like 2 nights ago trying to talk it up as a "artistic peice of australian history", and he literally said he wouldnt take anything less than 1mill.

    Wait... HP - we use hp in Australia..?
    Let me get my feet/inches tape measure out while I'm at it.

    It's no A9X Torana.

    Also just looks like your typical holden, nothing special. I'd rather get an old school euro/japanese classic that has actual engineering and workmanship behind it

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    The thought of going 300Kph in a commodore chassis is scary, it was not designed for that kind of speed.

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