The World's Most Overpriced Holden Is Being Auctioned Off

Attention hardcore collectors and money wasting enthusiasts: this one's for you.

Fancy buying the rarest Holden Monaro in the country? Now's your chance.

A Brisbane man is selling the second of only two Holden Monaro HRT 427 Concept cars on eBay right now for the paltry sum of just $1 million.

The car has zero kilometres on the clock and its sister currently sits in the Holden Museum in Melbourne.

Not that you'd ever drive it if you bought it, but if you did you'd have a 7-litre V8 racing motor under the bonnet that pumps out a whopping 560 brake horsepower per tonne. The top speed? Oh, just shy of 300km/h. Nothing serious.

It'd certainly make a trip to the shops that much more lively. [eBay]

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