The Weirdest Thing On The Internet Right Now: Full On Robocop 33

Keeping with a proud tradition set forth by films like The Matrix, The Terminator, Godfather, Karate Kid and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the third instalment of the Robocop franchise was an unmitigated, series-killing, disaster. It represented the worst of early 90s' action flicks.

However, when BenJamin Wigmore compresses it from a 104 minute shit storm down to a mere 2:10, RC3's actually kind of entertaining. Or at least tolerable.


    Two minutes of scenes being reversed/fast forwarded/voices speed up... its worse than the original.

    Benjamin Wigmore should have stopped when he had the chance. That was worse than Robocop3 could have, would have and will ever be.

    "oh look a crappy video I found on you tube" is not even close to journalism, its barely blogging.

    You should be ashamed. I come to gizmodo to read interesting stories from around the net.

    this isint one of them.

      should have done what I did and skip the article and movie and go directly to the comments. Much more interesting

    I remember seeing this movie when it first came out. I had loved, ADORED part 1. Then I saw part 2, it was still good to a 13 year old boy at the time, although it was missing a certain *something*.

    Then part 3... the original Robocop wasn't in it, Peter Weller refused to come back, Nancy got killed off and everything just looked *so* cheap and crap...

    What an unmitigated disaster this movie was.

      Yeah Robocop 2 was ok (had as few good bits). A shame really considering it was written by Frank Miller of 300, Sin City fame. The true horror and shame is that he also wrote Robocop 3.

        And it was the treatment of his story and script (and himself) by the studios that put him off film making entirely until Robert Rodriguez coaxed him back so many years later.

    I seem to remember Robo 3 was a converted TV pilot or something hence the lower production values and several of the cast missing.

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