The Tongue Toothbrush Is The Grossest Way To Be Hygienic

The Tongue Toothbrush Is The Grossest Way To Be Hygienic

Toothbrushes haven’t changed much. Sure, some fancy tech wiz brushes spin the bristles themselves, but at the end of the day, after centuries of use, we still have to hold the damn thing. Not anymore. The T2T is a hands-free toothbrush that you slip onto your tongue to do your teeth cleaning. It’s the grossest way to be hygienic.

Before, hands-free brushing just meant not brushing your teeth and popping a gum in your mouth. Although that may freshen your breath for a minute or two, it doesn’t do too much to actually clean those plaque critters from the enamel. The T2T is coated in toothpaste, and you basically twirl your tongue around and let the bristles (it looks like plastic?) get the gunk out.

I know what you’re thinking. This is magnificently stupid. And it probably is! I can’t imagine a scenario where applying this onto my tongue is easier than just spending the few minutes brushing my teeth. But let’s entertain the silliness. By using the tongue brusher, you won’t have foam seeping out of your mouth and your arms would be free to do other tasks, like driving a car, turning a page of a book, typing a manuscript, beating the drums or whatever you could do with two free hands. I just mimicked a tongue cleaning right now and was able to land nearly all 32 of my teeth (the bottom molars would be tough for me to get to). I looked like a complete buffoon while doing it, but I was able to use my keyboard just fine!

I leave with one question, what cleans the tongue when the tongue does the cleaning?

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