The Red Solo Cup Gets Classy

Because the classically versatile red Solo cup pretty much signifies party time, there's something unclassy about downing anything but crappy beer and jungle juice from it. But what if the red cup's design was converted to a wine glass? Or a martini glass? Or a chalice? Or a shot cup? Oh so classy now.

Red Cup Living is making a whole line of products that incorporate the iconic red Solo cup's design. There's a variety of options too. A 350mL cocktail cup, a 350mL coffee mug, a 400mL wine glass, a 450mL margarita cup, a 60mL shot glass and even the 500mL iconic cup. All the products vary from $US6-$US10.

Sure, you could say you've already gotten drunk off all different kinds of alcohol in the typical red solo cup already but the ridiculousness of these cups are totally worth it. Plus, they're re-usable. [Red Cup Living via FoodBeast]

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