Stupid Sh*t Tablet Users Do: Where's The Wally

Welcome to a new sometimes regular Gizmodo: Stupid Sh*t Tablet Users Do. Inspired by a recent trip to McDonalds where Luke and I watched in quiet awe as some guy in line ordered a meal without a single glance up from his tablet. Inspired by the crazy tourists who take photos of buskers with their iPads. Inspired by heroes everywhere. This week's instalment comes via the Future Music Festival. Can you spot the bro with the tablet in the moshpit? Can you spot the wally?

I'll admit to being guilty of using my tablet to take some photos. But in a music festival's dance area? Damn. I can't remember if I took this pic during Steve Aoki or Psy. But I did get my stomp on to Psy. So I guess I'm a wally too.

Click on the image to zoom into full size...

Did you find him/her? Let us know below.

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