Strong Bad: The Cheat Is Not Dead

Citing family and career moves, The Brothers Chaps haven't updated their much-loved Homestar Runner site in quite a while. But for those of us who spent many bored hours at work desperately refreshing the site for updates back in the day, Strong Bad, The Cheat, the Poopsmith, and the rest of the cast will always be with us as we quote bizarre catch phrases and song lyrics that leave those not in-the-know scratching their heads.

Over the years Strong Bad and his sidekick The Cheat had good times, but also bad, like the botched jumble caper that's forever immortalised in this beautiful ballad. And while the two may have had their disagreements while they terrorized Strong Sad and harassed Homestar Runner, as the soulful lyrics in this song express: in the end Strong Bad was most certainly relieved to learn his good friend The Cheat was in fact, not dead. [Homestar Runner]

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