Soylent Shakes Contain Everything You Need To Stay Alive

If you're monumentally bored with food, and willing to take on some rather high stakes nutritional poker, it's possible to keep yourself alive with a simple shake that its inventor rather wryly calls "Soylent".

Before anyone goes down the Harry Harrison route with me, no, it's not made of people; instead a mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, and fat. Mmmm… just like mum used to make, you know?

Speaking to Vice, Rob Rhinehart notes that it's a combination of boredom with food and concern for his health that led him to abandon regular food sources. He makes the good point that a lot of the first world's health problems relate to convenient but unhealthy food, although the current state of Soylent means he has to prepare it carefully each day -- he also notes that "Hacking the body is high risk, high reward."

I'd want to see some longer term studies into the effects of eating this kind of diet before switching over myself. Reinhart notes himself that there's "precious little good data in nutrition science". In a world with limited resources and a heck of a lot of waste one way or the other, it's fascinating stuff. Would you give up regular food in favour of a nutritional shake instead?

This man thinks he never has to eat again [Vice]

Image: Simon Wright

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    "This man thinks he never has to eat again"

    He must love diarrhea

      Ehhh, it's easy enough to include sufficient fibre in a smoothie form like that. After all, Metamucil is a fibre drink :).

        don't you become reliant on the extra fibre in these drinks if you consume too much of them?

          I suppose so... but he's been on it for two months now and looking at the guy's blog posts, not only does he include fibre but he does eat "normal meals" socially a few times a week. So I reckon he's OK :)

    Man who had "concern for his health" invents own shake and swears off solids.

    Concern for own health - you're doing it wrong.

    I enjoy a nice meal but I don't have the patience when making food for myself (baking excepted). Looking at the linked article, it seems he's gone down to the most basic of basic compounds and elements as the components of the shake. 6 weeks is a fairly long time to be on this kind of regime, and he does mention that he eats "normal food" a couple of times a week so his guts do get a "traditional" workout from time to time.

    While he says that "It doesn't keep long after mixing with water, so I still have to make it every day." - since he's not dealing with overly complex proteins there's no reason he couldn't make the mix and then freeze it in meal-sized portions. BAM, instant convenience!

    Bugger milkshakes, give me the option to go solar! Seriously if I could sit in the sun for an hour or 2 and only eat food when I want I'd probably spend at most 50 bucks a fortnight on food

    Here's the inventor.

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