Sony's 4K Movie Streaming Will Work On PS4 At 100GB A Pop

While there's still little known about Sony's efforts to pioneer the first 4K movie download service, one thing we can say almost definitely now is that the service will in fact be compatible with its (supposedly) upcoming PS4. In an interview with The Verge, Sony President and COO Phil Molyneux almost sort of definitely confirmed that the service would be compatible with the ethereal console by promising that we "will not be disappointed".

Oh, and by the way, a typical 4K movie download will chew up more than 100GB of bandwidth. So when the PS4 actually does take shape, and if Sony's service actually is compatible, there's still the small problem of these downloads being wholly impractical for the average user, especially in the age of data caps.

Apparently, Molyneux is looking on the bright side of things, as he's called these excruciatingly long download times "a journey". There is some relatively legitimate good news though, as Sony announced plans to roll out a lot more movies for the service in time for mid 2013. And you should have them downloaded and ready to watch just in time for Christmas. [The Verge]


    Someone please forward this article to Malcolm Turnbull.

      I was saying this at work the other day, if you want the voters onside, tell them that one day no fiber means no 4k footy.

        please, we are still waiting for low grade HD footy, 720p or 1080i/1080p footy let alone the 4k pipe-dream

    They might as well have Robocop3 as their first 4k release whilst they're at it.

    Sweet! One movie will only take 2 months to download! :D

    100gb with very low compression and ineffective codecs perhaps. I'm sure it would be very large but more likely to be <10gb than circa 100gb.

      bwahahahaahhahh thats hilarious. You realise a 1080p bluray runs upwards of 50gb.

      Even a slightly less than 720p mp4 hx264 compressed movie is still around 1.5gb. so how on earth would Something well over 2 times the resolution of current HD ever get under 10gb. To think that 4k content will ever reach that kind of compression is down right insane.

      The 100GB is probably about right with the best universal compression we currently have, which makes the content completely useless for all but maybe .01% of users.

      Last edited 04/03/13 10:25 am

        While you are correct what I believe Damo was saying is that services like netflix in the states offer sd streaming between 500-1000mb and their HD is about 3.5gb. Highly compressed to be sure but the idea that netflix would introduce 4k at about 10gb is about on the money. 4k is 4 times the data of 1080p but by that stage the new h265 should be making its debut.

          They don't stream full HD content, thats the thing. Bluray movies run at around 30mbps of data in 1080p. (as in its still gives HD Resolution but the actually quality is barely more than a normal dvd due to compresion)

          The quality they use is barely higher than dvd in most cases so no, there will never ever ever ever be 4k res movies streamed for 10 gb's thats an utter joke.

          Because compression of that magnitude, while possible, absolutely destroys the quality of the video. A 100gb+ movie compressed to 10gbs would be a high res piece of washed out pixelated garbage, just at 4k resolution.

          So respectfully no, its not on the money it is just plain old delusional. The whole idea of streaming 4k content is so bad anyone with enough know how would think it was a joke because otherwise they'd be fired for lack of intelligence. Thats how bad the idea is.

          Now in 15 years time when every connection is fibre and we have data caps that exceed many terra bytes maybe it would work but untill then is nothing but a lie (even then theres the whole running out of internet space potential problem)

          Last edited 05/03/13 12:41 pm

    So, can we assume that the industry has given up on flogging 3D to an uninterested market and have accelerated 4K delivery before the supportive infrastructure exists?

    Looks like disc based media will be with us for a while to come.

    The 4k file size may improve when x265 is released as well, they talking about it halving the file sizes of x264 and improving streaming efficiency.

    100GB must be completely raw because a good bluray uses lossless compression and is <50GB. Since 4k is 'only' 4 times the resolution, they should be able to get it down to 200GB using the same amount of compression as a bluray. If not, then divide it into 4 1920*1080 videos and have it patched back up at the other end.

      100 gb is nowhere near raw and bluray is definitely not lossless. BD uses h264 or mpeg2 compression between 15-40mbs a step up from dvd at 2-7.5mbs but not at all lossless.

      60 minutes of true raw 16bit 4k video from the Sony f65 for instance is 1tb.

    So, when we start seeing 4K movies on the shelves, will we see another media war? BDXL may fit the average film, but good luck with long-running ones.

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