Someone Made An Entire Movie About How Awful 3G Data Is

What began as a shamelessly transparent ploy by the LTE-peddling thugs of the mobile crime wars has evolved into a tale of star-crossed lovers set for the modern stage. Presenting 3G: The Killer Connection, a tale about what can happen when your choice of data carrier turns out to be wrong. Dead wrong.

To offer a brief synopsis, young couple Sam and Sheena travel to Fiji, and Sam purchases a second-hand, 3G phone, which — as 3G devices are wont to do — acts as a vessel for a murderous onslaught of phantom phone calls. Because extensive service in a wide range of markets doesn't come without a price tag.

So Capulets and Montagues, Sharks and Jets, 1 Mbit/S and 2 Mbit/S data speeds, it doesn't matter. The names may have changed, but the dream of high-speed mobile internet without sacrificing reliable coverage will always remain the same. [Apple Trailers]

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