Solar-Powered, Hand-Cranked Digital Camera Laughs At Your Limited Battery Life

What this $US200, 3MP digital camera lacks in features, functionality and image quality it more than makes up for in battery life. Because, in theory, as long as you've got sunlight or at least one arm, you can keep it powered indefinitely.

As its namesake implies, what really sets the Sun & Cloud digital camera apart from its competition is the inclusion of a solar panel on top and a retractable generator crank on the side. So, with a lot of sunlight and/or elbow grease, you can perpetually keep its battery charged.

Besides a microSD memory card slot and 15 built-in digital filters, the camera unfortunately disappoints with its limited photo resolution and basic 640x480 video capabilities. While the Sun & Cloud can, in theory, run forever, will you really want it to?

[AC Gears]

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