Reworked Apple TV May Point To Apple's Next iPad

Apple is rather quietly reworking the internal components inside the Apple TV. The Apple TV is very much the quiet cousin of the iOS family, but that makes it an ideal testing ground for Apple to work out what it's doing with its more successful product lines.

If you go into an Apple store there's scant detail of the Apple TV's existence, let alone an effort to actually push it towards customers. It just kind of sits there. However, as Cult Of Mac points out, perhaps that's the entire strategy.

It's not that Apple is all that fussed about Apple TV one way or another per se; it's that it allows Apple to test out new silicon arrangements in the wider market. They've just made a silicon level change to the Apple TV, switching to a TSMC 28nm A5 chip from a Samsung produced model. There's no love lost between Apple and Samsung obviously at the smartphone level, but they're still somewhat co-dependent at a component level, and this could be a move away from that model. Moreover, there's also the possibility that it's testing the ground for using that 28nm A5 chip in other smaller products -- Cult Of Mac discusses the next generation of iPad Mini as a possibility.

Now, admittedly, this is yet one more rumour on the Apple rumour pile, but I do rather like that it's a somewhat informed bit of speculation, rather than the usual "here's a photoshop mockup found on a Chinese message board" type of alert.

What The 28nm A5 Chip Inside The New Apple TV Means For The Retina iPad Mini [Cult Of Mac]



    to me: if we're talking family here, then the iOS family is like an incestuous southern hillbily outfit, where the appleTV is the g'damn only educated hot cousin in the whole lot.

    It's my favourite Apple product, I have 3 of them.

      Ive been told they are really good. I understand that the first version you can run XMBC, but not with the second. 100AU is cheap too. Guess I need to make up my mind as to whether I run a media center or just get these...

      Normally I'd complain about the lack of tv tuner, but honestly I dont watch much live TV anymore, most is downloaded and streamed to my TV via DLNA. So switching to these shouldnt be a big deal.

        The ATV1 and ATV2 cab both be jailbroken, but the ATV3 unfortunately cannot be jailbroken as of yet. Once jailbroken and XBMC is installed, you can run all sorts of add-ons that will satisfy all your media streaming needs. A great add-on is 'Icefilms'.

        The ATV2 only supports output up to 720p, which is a shame. An alternative platform though is the Raspberry Pi. I have a Pi running XBMC Frodo and it's pretty good also, and supports 1080p. It just require USB adapters to use either Wifi or an IR remote, but they're both pretty cheap.

    Hopefully as the Apple TV sees continued development and inclusion of more software features it'll mean a jailbreak becomes available for the ATV3 down the track. My jailbroken ATV2 is great, but given that it's only 720p it would be fantastic to be able to displace it with a jailbroken ATV3.

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