Retromodo: Okay, Who Remembers 'Now You See It'?

You know, the Channel 7 kids game show with Tron graphics, host Mike Meade (complete with Bowie mullet) and his robot side kick Melvin. Line 6, position 3 — gold! Check out this crazy old video.

I had forgotten all about this show until I referenced it today and everyone looked at me blankly. As you can see, Melvin was a Tomy Omnibot toy. I never did get one for Christmas.

The original Australian version of the show ran in the back half of the 80s, but was rebooted with Sofie Formica in the 90s. Either way, this show takes me back to a time when my favourite possessions were my Catchit jumper and Castle Greyskull. Jebus, I'm old.

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