Reinforce Your Wardrobe With An Industrial-Strength Rebar Hanger

Is all your badass clothing just too much for those flimsy, plastic, run-of-the-mill hangers. Do your pants or shirts, weighted as they are with pounds of pure awesomeness, need something more structurally sound to keep them in order? The "Man Hanger" suits your very strange needs.

Made from real, industrial-grade rebar, hand-bent into shape (somehow), and coated to prevent rust and corrosion, the Man Hanger is a marriage of strength and finesse fit to support those clothes that bring out both your softer side and your inner tough guy. That is if you have any pants that fit that well.

Granted, "Man Hanger" is a god-awful name, and at $US25 one Man Hanger is roughly twice as expensive as 18kg of actual rebar (including shipping!), but unless you can bend steel, this is your only choice. Do you really need to drop that much on something that belongs in the closet and under clothes? Probably not. But damned if we don't want one. Or 12. [BODE Goods via Uncrate]

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