Red Bull Editions Review: Sweet Energy Drink, Dude!

Red Bull has always tasted suspiciously like found bubble gum — whatever, you don't drink it for the taste, you drink it for the pulse-racing amounts of caffeine and B vitamins stored in each can. Until now, that is. Red Bull's just rolled out three new flavour editions of its energy drink, and we've got to warn you, they're delicious. At least, compared to what you're used to.

What Is It?

Red Bull's trio of new flavours: cranberry lime and blueberry.

Who's It For?

Drowsy people that need 80mg of artificially flavoured caffeine (or just a new way to cut the taste of cheap vodka).


Bold, strong, with just a subtle hint of American patriotism.

Using It

Every sip is like having an angry flying bull dive down your gullet to punch you in the balls with a fistful of energy. Flavour-wise, they're all surprisingly tasty.

The Best Part

I've now got 240mg of caffeine pumping through my veins and I feel GREAT!

Tragic Flaw

I've now got 240mg of caffeine pumping through my veins and I can hear my pulse.

This Is Weird...

The bath water matches the tub. The Blue edition is the colour of Dimetapp, Red looks like watered-down Mr Pibb, and the Silver edition looks uncannily like Pepsi Clear.

Test Notes

  • The Silver edition (lime) hits the back of the palette with a distinct citrus flavour but isn't overly acidic or sharp — like drinking carbonated Gatorade. Very pleasant and refreshing.
  • The Blue edition (blueberry) is very tasty as well — the blueberry taste is genuine without being overbearing and softens into a slightly minty finish. I'd drink this straight and prefer it over the original.
  • The Red edition (cranberry) came on really strong with overtones of artificial plum and old leather — enough to make me recoil at first sip. But the initially intense flavour quickly mellowed into a cross of watermelon and strawberry. It's like two thirds of a Hotel Moscow (Red Bull, cranberry juice and vodka) in a single can.

Should You Buy It?

Red Bull Editions

Can Size: 250mL Flavours: cranberry, blueberry, lime Calories: 100 per can Caffeine: 80mg per can First three ingredients: Carbonated Water, Succrose, Glucose Price: The same as regular Red Bull

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