Raspberry Pi Foundation Needs A Few Good Turks

The Raspberry Pi is an excellent little tinkering machine, and a laudable one too, given its strong educational focus. The foundation behind the Raspberry Pi has hit a bit of a snag in Turkey, however, with a competing trademark claim. What they need are a few good geeks fluent in Turkish.

In a blog post, the Raspberry Pi foundation's Liz Upton relates the precise problem:

We're currently trying to oppose someone's claim that they own our trademark in Turkey. To support our case, we need to demonstrate in court that there was existing use of the term "Raspberry Pi" before March 2012. We're easily able to do this in English, but it would help us if we could do the same with Turkish blogs, news coverage and so on - unfortunately, none of us speaks Turkish, so searching online for mentions before that date is a bit difficult.

Forum posters have already uncovered a wealth of contributing info, but every little bit helps — any Giz readers fluent in Turkish able to help out? [Raspberry Pi]

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