Quickflix Working To Get Streaming Content From The US, UK 'Within Hours'

We have known for a while now that Quickflix is planning a bolstered streaming service to get us our fill of blockbuster TV shows faster than ever, but now the company's CEO appears to have shown his hand: Quickflix really does want to get TV content from the US and the UK for Australians to stream online to multiple devices within just few hours.

Speaking with the AFR, Quickflix founder, Stephen Langford, said that streaming is still a relatively new concept in Australia and he hopes to change that.

The report says that Quickflix will "invest heavily" in the streaming service to make it more attractive to current DVD customers.

Anything that stops people from downloading shows like Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones is alright by me. Have at it, Quickflix! [AFR]

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