Police Deflate Smugglers’ Compressed-Air ‘Marijuana Cannon’

Police Deflate Smugglers’ Compressed-Air ‘Marijuana Cannon’

Border fences are really tall, so it’s not like you can just throw your packages of marijuana over them. No, you’d need something like a weed-apult or, better yet, a weed cannon to heave them over the wall.

Police in Mexicali, a border town between Mexico and California, have reportedly confiscated a powerful compressed air cannon used by Mexican cartels to launch packages of weed over the border.

The truck-mounted device is made of PVC piping attached to an air compressor and driven by an automobile engine. It could launch up to 13kg of drugs over the fence at a time. And apparently was quite productive.

The police were only tipped off to the device’s existence after recently seizeing a large quantity of bagged drugs that looked like they’d been shot out of a cannon. [Guardian]

Picture: AP/Mexicali Public Safety Department