Optus To Overhaul Its Stores Into Something Shinier

Optus To Overhaul Its Stores Into Something Shinier


Get ready for a makeover to your local Optus Store, as the telco today announces a huge overhaul mission to refit 100 stores within 12 months, as well as the creation of 10 new “pilot” stores to test out what the Optus Store of the future might look like.

This month we’ll see 10 of the new pilot stores open up on the East Coast of the country.

The stores will feature retrained retail staff who will be able to solve more problems without having to call up a service centre, a queueing app to manage in-store traffic and more efficient store constructions including magnetic countertops for easier fit-outs. The stores will also feature more live demo units of things like FetchTV as well as 3G and 4G mobile broadband tests.

Optus is also overhauling its frankly godforsaken website to make it more user friendly. Praise the telco gods.

This whole network redesign will see Optus add 200 more retail staff over 12 months, so refresh those resumés if that’s your thing.

If you could redesign your local telco store, what would you do?

Image: Optus