Official Star Wars Tournament Sees Han Solo, Boba Fett Face Off In Deadly Voting Combat

An epic battle between the forces of good and evil in Star Wars should involves starships, lasers, lightsabre fights and the endless slaughter of Gungans. When your budget doesn't permit such excess, I guess you can get away with an official voting tournament featuring the series' greats.

If you head over to, you'll find they've set up a "Star Wars character tournament" called "This Is Madness" (as it's not Sparta, clearly). Each week, the pool of Star Wars heroes will get smaller as the least popular are eliminated in a series of one-on-one voting battles. It'll all wrap up on April 9, when a single character will find his or herself positioned in the middle.

If you're keen, voting starts tomorrow, though looking at the champions on offer, I don't see how this can end with anything other than a Han Solo / Darth Vader (or Boba Fett) showdown, with Solo the eventual victor.

[Star Wars, via Neatorama]

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