In Australia, Not Owning A Smartphone Gets You Punched In The Face

In Australia, Not Owning A Smartphone Gets You Punched In The Face

Turns out that owning a dumbphone is more hazardous to your health than previously reported. NSW Police yesterday reported an incident in which a man was allegedly punched in the face before being kicked repeatedly by two youths who refused to steal his phone after finding out it wasn’t a smartphone.

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NSW Police say that the 31-year old man was approached in the Sydney suburb of Redfern over the weekend by a youth who reportedly asked for the time before demanding the phone from the man. The man then reportedly offered the phone to the alleged assailant but copped a fist to the face when they refused to take his dumbphone.

A man has been attacked and robbed by a group of teenagers after they attempted to steal his mobile phone in Redfern last night.

About 9:25pm, Saturday 16 March 2013, a 31-year-old man was walking through Redfern Park, near the fountain, when he was approached by a boy who asked him the time.

The boy demanded his mobile phone but when he discovered it was not a smart phone he declined taking it and punched the man in the face.

The man tried to run away but was grabbed from behind by another boy who assaulted him and removed his backpack.

He fell to the ground where the two boys continued to assault him by kicking him a number of times.

They then rummaged through his backpack and stole a sunglasses case before running off through the park towards Chalmers Street with four other males.

The injured man ran to Cleveland Street and called police who attended the scene but were unable to locate the group of boys. He was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for treatment of facial injuries.

Redfern Detectives are investigating the robbery and are looking for the six males.

Buy a smartphone for your own good. [NSW Police]