No, Sony ISN'T giving out Beta PS4s Via Facebook

People, people, people. STOP BEING IDIOTS. Sorry for shouting like that, but it seems like a new Facebook "like" scam pops up every single day. Today's foolishness is a fake PS4 beta scam.

To reiterate; no, Sony WILL NOT send you a free Playstation 4 in return for liking a Facebook page. Neither will Samsung send you a Galaxy Note III or Galaxy SIV or any other similar scam. Most of them rely on external surveys, malware installations and the like — in the case of the fake Playstation 4s, there's an external link (which I won't repeat here) that allows you to "see if you can apply".

In this case (as with every other "too good to be true" Facebook scam), you'd be applying for a whole lot of disappointment — so just don't.

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