Nick Cave: Get The Perfect Spotify Playlist For Your Bad Mood

How are you feeling today? Happy? Heartbroken? Like you're about to punch someone? We can't fix it, but Nick Cave's new Spotify app can help in the tunes department.

What does it do?

Choose a feeling and it generates a playlist of Nick Cave tunes, based on the moods they reflect.

Why do we like it?

The moods the app offers up are pretty funny but probably pretty accurate as far as Nick Cave music goes. They range from confessional and blasphemy to murder, mayhem and sex. Spin the wheel for a random mood, or select the one that best fits your state of emotion. And you can add a second wheel to make the mood more complicated, if that's where you are. Of course this app is a promo tied to Nick Cave's new album, Push the Sky Away, but he's also an incredibly talented artist that has music worth discovering. And his new app will help you do that, no matter how you're feeling.

Nick Cave

Download this app for: Spotify (free) The best part: only Nick Cave music The worst part: only Nick Cave music

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