New Orleans Gets Vending Machine-Equipped Taxis

Occasionally, you'll luck out and climb into a taxi cab with such amenities as free tissues, discarded newspapers or all the tourist pamphlets you can carry. But if you find yourself in New Orleans, you might end up in one of the 250 vehicles in the Orleans Carriage Cab fleet that now feature soda-dispensing vending machines.

It's not unlike the New York TaxiTreats concept, except this is real and officially being rolled out en masse in the big easy. Using a touchscreen display, patrons can order up a non-alcoholic beverage — including Coke, Sprite, Iced Tea and orange Fanta — for just a buck that's delivered to them via an automated mechanism behind their headrest. There's no mention of how they deal with the issue of the cans getting shaken up and exploding when opened though, because last time we checked, taxi back seats were already sticky enough.


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