New iPhone Apps: MessageMe, Reuters And More

New iPhone Apps: MessageMe, Reuters And More

We’ve got a nice balance going between utility and fun here in this round of the best iPhone apps of the week. Whether it’s texting for free or shopping for, well, money, or catching up on the news and backing up your data, you’ll be all set.

Reuters: Sure, there are news-finding apps aplenty out there. But sometimes you just want to check on breaking news, and for that Reuters is a very obvious source. Free.

Picturelife: Losing a precious picture can be totally heartbreaking. Picturelife ensures you never have to feel that pain, by backing up and storing your photos from pretty much any of your online accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) securely in the cloud. Free.

Piikki: How easy is it to stuff a receipt in your pocket and never think about it again? Piikki helps you be a little more financially responsible. It geotags pics of your receipts and lets you auto-upload them to Evernote, Google Drive or Dropbox. $1.99.

MessageMe: Want to chat with friends in other countries? (They’re probably using WhatsApp). If not, here’s another app that lets you text groups and individuals at no cost. Free.