Never Stick Your Hand Into Gnarly Dishwater Again

You finally finished washing a big load of dishes by hand, hurray! But if the water is so nasty that you can't see to the bottom of the sink, the last thing you want to do is reach your hand in and pull out the stopper. Gadget to the rescue.

The Raft is the latest Quirky community project to get the greenlight to go into production. Like other rubber drain stoppers it's got a little chain attached to it, but this time there's a floating bobber at the end so you can unplug the drain without reaching into the water. I know, right:

Thankfully, this innovation has arrived — or will be arriving, just as soon as the Quirky community settles on a price. It looks like you can get a serviceable stopper for just $US3-5 online, so I'd pay maybe $US7 for this life-alleviating product. Any more, and I'll skip the revolution and just stick my hand in the sink. [Quirky]

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