Mysterious New Canon DSLR Leaks Online

Looks like some clumsy folks at Best Buy have listed an unannounced Canon DSLR on its website. This could fall in line with rumours circulating about a "mini-DSLR" meant to compete with compact mirrorless cameras.

The specs on Best Buy's page show a $US800 "EOS-b". This camera has an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 3-inch display, and comes with a typical kit lens. All the specs, in fact, are exactly what you would find in one Canon's current consumer DSLR offerings like the EOS 650D.

Canonrumors has been hearing whispers of a new DSLR sporting a really, really small body, which it believes could be this leaked product, pointing to the listed weight as being 370g — 140g lighter than the EOS 650D. Saucy! [Engadget via Canonrumors]

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