Muji's Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker Will Disappear Into Your Walls

It borrows its design from the Japanese company's popular wall-hanging CD player, but Muji's new mountable Bluetooth speaker is far more useful in this day and age. It's a lot cheaper too, coming in at around $US95.

With just two watts of power, it's not going to keep a house party rocking into the wee hours of the morning, but that's more than enough for some nice background music at a dinner party. When you're tired of streaming what's on your phone or tablet, it has an FM radio for soaking up some local culture. A simple tug of the speaker's power cord turns it on and off, and your device only needs to be within about 9m to maintain its wireless connection, as is the case with most Bluetooth hardware.

If you're worried that it doesn't make enough of a statement, remember that speakers are meant to be heard, not seen.

[Muji via Fareastgizmos]

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