Lunchtime Deal: Huawei MediaPad 7 + Telstra WiFi Hotspot $139

I could have sworn the MediaPad line never got an official release down under, but Coles thinks different, as it's selling Huawei's budget 7" tablet, along with a Telstra Wi-Fi hotspot for $139.

There are some obvious catches here. It's only running Android 4.0 and the processor is on the titchy side compared to most. Likewise, the Wi-Fi hotspot is the older Telstra Elite model, which means no 4G capability, although it is advertised with 5GB of data allowance.

I'm always a little bemused by tech deals in supermarkets, though. How many people actually pick up tablet computers with their cabbages? Coles [Coles via OzBargain]

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