Lomography's Smartphone Scanner Digitises Film Right To Your Mobile Device

Lomography has made sharing photos from a film camera a heck of a lot easier with its new Smartphone Scanner that's finally available from the company's online store. It replaces a desktop scanner and PC with a compact collapsible rig that uses your smartphone's camera to digitise negatives and slides.

The $US60 scanner is mostly designed to complement the collection of film cameras that Lomography is best known for, allowing analogue enthusiasts to more easily share their shots on social networks and other digital distribution means. But it will work just as well with the carousels of slides in your parent's garage or any non-printed photos, since it relies on a glowing panel to illuminate a translucent medium.

There's also an accompanying app enroute that will allow the raw scans to be inverted, tweaked, and colour corrected as needed. But you're also able to use whatever app you already rely on for correcting shots, just remember to skip the old-timey filters because that effect will come naturally now.


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