Kalita Wave: Brewing Coffee Never Looked So Good

Each one of the many methods of brewing coffee has its own distinct visual makeup. The Chemex with it's curvy glass and wood collar, the Aeropress with its utilitarian plastic. But for my money, nothing looks finer than the stainless-steel Kalita Wave.

The Wave is a pourover dripper, in the same family as the Hario V60, Beehouse and Bonmac. You use a paper filter and slowly pour water over a bed of dry coffee grounds while the brewed liquid drips out of the bottom. It's perhaps the simplest path to a clean, balanced cup.

This thing isn't just eye candy. Many rank the Kalita Wave higher than other pourover brewers because its flat bottomed filters allow for a more even extraction, as opposed to cone or wedge shape. However you brew your coffee, you've got to appreciate the look of the Kalita Wave. Shiny chrome objects can be so tacky, but the Wave has clean Art Deco quality that really sings.

Want one?? You can get a Kalita Wave and filters from Wrecking Ball Coffee

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