Just Re-Stack And Twist This Lamp When You Get Bored Of Its Design

Simply reorganising a room is the easiest — and cheapest — way to give it a fresh look. And the same applies to this Babele layered wooden lamp created by a studio calling themselves Manifattura Italiana Design, or MID for short.

Like a glowing version of the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, the central support of the Babele lamp lights up and is visible through a gap on all of the stacking pieces that define the lamp's shape. When assembled 'properly' it looks like a traditional lamp complete with a shade, but you're welcome to easily re-stack the layers however you want if a more abstract look is what you're after. The only real puzzle here is how to get your hands on one since there's no indication MID is putting the lamp into production.

[MID via Design Milk]

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