Is This The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini?

When we found out Samsung was making a mini version of the Galaxy S III, we got excited... and then we were disappointed because it was so boring. If these leaked photos are true, it looks like we'll be disappointed again.

Even though the Galaxy S 4 Mini has a svelte body and loses the ginormous 4.3-inch screen, it will have neutered specs compared to the big brother full-size Galaxy S 4. Boo.

Why can't normal sized phones (pretty cool that 4.3-inch is normal now!) be as good as their giant brothers? The leaked photos and information, which is from SamMobile, says that the Galaxy S 4 Mini uses a 1.6GHz dual-core processor instead of the full-sized Galaxy S 4's 1.9GHz quad-core beast. Also, the screen on the Galaxy S 4 Mini only has 256ppi compared to 441ppi on the adult version. Small phones are just kids' toys now. [Sam Mobile via The Verge]

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