iOS 6.1.3 May Be Draining iPhone Batteries

iOS 6.1.3 was meant to fix the screen bypass bugwhich it only partially managed — and enhance Apple's Japanese maps, as well as subtly killing jailbreaking. Instead, it appears that it may be recreating what's been a common bug in iOS updates, sucking precious battery life away as well.

That's probably not an intended feature, now that I think about it. A number of iPhone users report hitting the bug after installing the app update, with many throwing around fixes relating to changing email account or iCloud settings to possibly fix the bug.

Battery life issues are the pits, but they can also be highly subjective kinds of things, depending on your exact app configuration and the age of the battery itself. Any Giz users hit notably bad battery life after installing iOS 6.1.3? [CultOfMac]


    You gotta love how software vendors treat their customers as beta testers.

      Exactly Arvo. Its also amazing how they release 6.0 then offer 6.1 with fixes and new features to entice jailbreakers to release their jailbreak thinking the kinks have been worked out of 6.0 then royally screwing them over with a fatal flaw that allows access so jailbreakers are either forced to unjailbreak and upgrade to 6.1.3 or live with the flaw that if someone wanted to get in they can.

    6.1.3 saw no improvement for battery life and just as bad as 6.1.3. My sister stayed with ios 5 and I wished I did too... come on apple. You are losing customers this way.....

      restore to previous ipsw.. you can always go back without jailbreaking..

        Have you actually tried that recently?
        Becuse it doesn't work any more.
        You cannot restore your iPhone backwards to ios 6.1.2 or 6.0.1 or even ios5
        I know this to be true for iPhone 5s, not too sure about others; but the new iTunes has disabled it.

        Apple stops signing old builds mere hours after posting new ones. Only if you kept SHSH blobs with Cydia can you downgrade.

          alanzeino is right if you backed up your SHSH blobs with ishshit or redsn0w you can downgrade to any ios you like using redsn0w to generate a custom ipsw

    6.1.3 is just as bad as 6.1.3? You make no sense

    This is the same old story with EVERY update be it major or minor there's always people complaining about battery drain and blaming new versions. I have seen no detectable difference with battery drain on my 4S with 6.1.3

      totally zandY, I also think its secretly a way for the media to generate more page views because saying an update has battery issues is like wildfire for hypochondriacs lol

    People still use iPhone? ;)

      The iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S both outsold the Samsung Galaxy SIII in Q4 2012 - We're a rare bunch.

    I've seen my battery last longer on my iPhone 4 since 6.1.3, the previous update it was draining faster :S and I mostly just use iMessage & Twitter on it, the occasional game. But nothing more.

      I have an iPhone4, and I'm still on iOS 5.0.1. Got everything set up just how I like it, and updating is just a PITA. At least it used to be. Every update I've done since iOS 2 has meant starting with a clean slate and all my apps end up out of order and not in folders. Has it gotten any better since they introduced Delta updates?
      I also got pretty badly burned updating my 3G to iOS 4, so I'm reluctant to update my iPhone 4 beyond iOS 5. Is there a compelling reason to update, and is it still a hassle?

        I don't find updating a hassle. I think it's just stupid that an incremental update can't be a hotfix, rather than a it has to download iOS all over again which is 800mb or whatever.

        Only reason to update would be so it's running the latest iOS, the bloke at my local "we fix any phone" retail store was saying he thinks it's the best idea staying upto date.

    My iPhone 5's battery lasts for a couple of days if I uninstall and It's been off the charger since 8:30 this morning, and the battery says 98%. Whatever is causing the drain, it isn't this update.

    I've noticed no difference on my 5.

    no wonder my iPhone 5 got drained in 6hrs on Friday night when it was on standby about 75% of the time... bad rotten APPLE

    Last edited 26/03/13 4:56 pm

    The 6.1.3 update froze my iPhone 4. It took many warm and cold re-boots and re-installing iTunes to manage just the "Restore to Factory Settings". The restore from backup was far from perfect. A lot of settings were lost.
    Now the battery drains quickly. It got to 45% in about 5 hours.
    I think Apple lost the plot.

    i updated on Saturday, found my battery died really quickly on both Saturday and Sunday, but appears to be back to normal now. (iPhone 4)

    After installing the latest update, emails with attachment sent from my iPhone 4S were all gone into blackhole.

    Probably because people are playing Candy Crush more... that kills my battery

    I hate that annoying iOS upgrade every few months, it takes ages to update. And then the new Itunes layout sucks. In the not too distant future i'm getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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