Insanely Specific Kitchen Gadgets, North Korea’s Nuke, Facebook’s Shiny New Look, And More

Insanely Specific Kitchen Gadgets, North Korea’s Nuke, Facebook’s Shiny New Look, And More

Had a rough week? Either way, kick back and relax with some cream-of-the-crop Gizmodo posts. We’ve got some crazy kitchen gadgets, how every guy will use Google Glass, unidentified drones, Iron Man 3, tiny houses, the new Facebook look, and more. Check it all out below.

Could North Korea Really Hit Us With a Nuke?

In a predictably insane but still unsettling development, North Korea has declared its interest in a “preemptive” nuclear strike against the United States. The bluster comes ahead of a UN vote on tougher sanctions, and is largely just posturing. More »

How Every Guy Will Use Google Glass

Though you may look like a complete dork wearing Google Glass, it’s the capital-F future realised in the most overtly futuristic way possible. That means people are going to be interested in this thing. That means once guys realise what they can do with it, they’ll just use it in any way possible to get laid. Or watch sports while trying to get laid. Or play video games while trying to get laid. Or talk to their buddies while trying to get laid. More »

11 Insanely Specific Kitchen Gadgets

A really good knife can accomplish an endless number of tasks in the kitchen. But there are other culinary accoutrements that literally have one job and only one job. Are they clever? Sure. Are they at all necessary? Not exactly. These are some of the most specialised kitchen tools you can get. Be forewarned; beyond lies madness. More »

New Iron Man 3 Trailer: So. Much. Badass.

Oh man, Tony Stark is getting ready to kick some serious arse. Are you ready for Iron Man 3? The $US200 million epic hits theatres on May 3rd, and if this latest look at the flick doesn’t get you excited, nothing will. More »

Plane Passenger Spots Mystery Drone Over Brooklyn (Updated: The FBI Has No Idea What It Is)

The classic Twilight Zone episode takes a 21st century turn-yesterday a man aboard an Alitalia flight preparing to land at JFK spied something disturbing outside his window: what appeared to be an unmanned vehicle in the sky. More »

13 Adorably Teeny Tiny Houses

Bigger isn’t always better. In the case of micro living spaces, quite the opposite is true. In celebration of what some designers can do with so little space, here are some of our favourite mini houses from around the world. More »

A Giant iPhone Will Look Stunning

If you shut your eyes and listen closely, you’ll hear the clop-clop of the inevitable: an iPhone that keeps getting bigger and bigger. And as much as we generally hate phablets, if an iPhone Plus looked like this, we’d melt. More »

What the Out-of-Office Reply Really Means

We’ve all experienced it: you send an important email, expecting to wait at least hours for a reply, but immediately get a response. Uh-oh. It’s the out-of-office reply, a complex and coded message which essentially says “screw you”. More »

Facebook’s New News Feed: The Biggest Change In Years

The last time Zuck overhauled the website you check all day every day was two years ago. Two! You’ve probably changed a decent amount since then, but Facebook hasn’t in a way that’s done anything but make us cringe-until today. Enter the clutter killer. Here’s how you’ll be stalking the universe now. More »