Incredible Footage Of A Kid's Tour Through The Google Office Of 1999

Once upon a 1999, two young boys document a visit to their father at the Google offices in its early stages. The result: a cinematic masterpiece of a time capsule.

Granted, the whole video is a bit long and tends to drag near the end (unless you have a passion for watching tweens eating fritos), so we've picked out a few highlights. Please enjoy.

These tope-walled cubicles may seem like part of a typical '90s office full of squares...

But look at those red balls. How whimsical! How carefree! How Google.

Grossly opulent displays of gum, energy bars and more cereal than you can dream of: the wild perks of a young tech startup never cease to amaze.

Here we have a giant bowl of opened, loose M&Ms. It's like they weren't even worried about SARS or Anthrax or 9/11 or their fading, wasted youth. Ah, to be young.

Ha. Like a Starbucks blended coffee beverage is enough to keep these burgeoning tech sensations awake. LIttle did they know, those Snapples and Gatorades would soon be shoved aside for green tea, Redbull, and the blood of AOL's firstborns.

I had no idea the Google empire started in my grandparent's basement.


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