In The Navy, You Can Learn… To Use A Camera?

A life in the armed services is all about being armed services, right? Well, as this gently ageing US Navy guide shows, sometimes, all you need to be armed with is a camera.

Reddit user clutch70706 unearthed a Navy guide to photography dating from 1993, which understandably means that there’s no mention of digital photography. That doesn’t mean it’s useless however, but given as how human eyes haven’t evolved much in twenty years. There’s still a wealth of good photography basics in there. You won’t even be busted down to swabbing the decks of a Destroyer for reading it, as it’s not in any way classified. Go forth, and learn, young photographer. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get this song out of my head somehow.

Image: tomcoolinmiami

A Free and Helpful Primer in Photography, Courtesy of the US Navy [PetaPixel]