HTC One Teardown: Even Harder To Fix Than The iPhone

The HTC One is hands-down the most beautiful Android phone we've ever seen, so it should come as no surprise that it doesn't come apart nicely. The folks over at iFixit gave it a shot and had One hell of a time getting the guts out so you won't have to. And you shouldn't try; it's a nightmare.

With some suction cups, heat and a bit of mangling, the iFixit guys were able to get past the aluminium unibody to the goodies inside, but anything beyond that was a bit tough. With a wealth of copper tape and a distinct lack of screws, the One's innards are not something to be trifled with. It got a reparability score of one, down there with the Surface Pro. The Fort Knoxian iPhone got a seven.

But you can't have an outside that pretty without getting a little messy on the inside, right? You can dive deeper into the One's guarded guts over at iFixit. But suffice it to say if you break your HTC, you'll probably have to go out and get a new One. [iFixit]

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