How Every Guy Will Use Google Glass

Though you may look like a complete dork wearing Google Glass, it's the capital-F future realised in the most overtly futuristic way possible. That means people are going to be interested in this thing. That means once guys realise what they can do with it, they'll probably just use it in any way possible to get laid. Or watch sports while trying to get laid. Or play video games while trying to get laid. Or talk to their mates while trying to get laid. Wait. Was Cory Bernardi onto something?

This hilarious short video by Dartanion London basically breaks down what most guys will end up doing with Google Glass. A devolution of man into just the Internet version of themselves, basically. [DartanionLondon]


    I imagine it will be like the "Eye-Fi" from the early 2000's...

    Yeah, I'm thinking that while chatting up a girl you will NOT want to be looking at some bearded dude in a tracksuit.

    Let's face it. We all know what people will use this to watch AS LONG AS you can't tell from the other side of the glasses. Porn.

    Nice try, but I can't see this Google Glass thing taking off for blokes. No way can we multi-task like that.

      I frequently read books, while surfing the net, watching TV and gaming. Maybe you're just incompetent?

        Or maybe you secretly have a vagina? idk.

      and the random comments to yourself about 'glass' would probably get annoying and screw you up anyway.....but if your like me and married it could be a godsend :P

        I don't geddit?

    Well there was 2:45 I won't get back.

    your going to look at a video or a fat beareded guy instead of looking at your hot girlfriend? Maybe if you're in the closet and have a thing for hairy fat guys.

      Haha my thought exactly if your on a date and watch NFL then you are just a jerk honestly

    These posts saved me 1.45 min .... Thankyou
    The minute reading was well worth it .

    Considering how busy you are I suppose we can forgive you for not having time for a sense of humour.

    I'd imaging going to the beach and taking pictures and video of topless chics, girls going up stairs/escalators in mini skirts, girls in skimpy clothing, and girls in general.

      You filthy, pitiful excuse for a human being. Oh, not you? Carry on then.

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