Here’s Why Steve Wozniak Isn’t An Australian Citizen Yet

Here’s Why Steve Wozniak Isn’t An Australian Citizen Yet

A while ago we heard that Apple co-founder and all-round nice guy, Steve Wozniak, was planning on moving to Australia and going the full nine yards by becoming a citizen of this fine nation. Months later, however, and the Woz is still in the US. What gives?

We had a chat to Woz earlier this week, and he explained to us why he doesn’t call Australia home just yet:

It is a high priority this month for me to finish some medical and police reports for my residency application.

Once I have a residency permit I might get a place to live but I plan a few years before living in Australia full time. That is because my current occupation as a world speaker requires too many air flights constantly.

Once I’m living in Australia full time (or a major amount of it) I can work toward citizenship.

It’s not something you get without qualifying and working for. At least not in my case.

So Woz is coming, he just needs to finish some paperwork and have a little more time to himself to get here.

Interestingly, Woz is currently selling his Los Gatos, California home. We’re not sure if this has anything to do with his moving plans, but we suspect not, seeing as how it has been on the market before.

We all still want Woz as our next door neighbour, that’s for sure.