Here’s What All Those Suits Do In The Iron Man 3 Trailer

Here’s What All Those Suits Do In The Iron Man 3 Trailer

The latest Iron Man 3 trailer dropped overnight, and now we’re all waiting with bated breath until the film hits cinemas in late April.

The last 20 seconds of the new Iron Man 3 trailer features Tony Stark calling his amazing new legion of Iron Man suits to a battle at a dockyard, but who is in those suits if not Stark?

4chan — of all places — seems to have the inside scoop on what all of those suits actually do, and the simple answer to the previous question is that they’re all automated.

io9 writes up what all the suits actually do, and if they’re on the money then Iron Man 3 is going to be a nerd parade of autonomous super-suits.

Spoilers: The report — which is spolier-laden also — says that Stark has suits that he reverse engineered from the Asgardian Destroyer in Thor, a suit designed to go to space after Stark’s near-death experience in The Avengers, aquatic armour to recover stuff blown into the ocean be The Mandarin (Iron Man 3‘s baddie) and the Heavy Brute armour, also known as the Hulkbuster. Hmmm.

Either way, I can’t wait for Iron Man 3. [io9]