Here’s Something Stupid An Australian Politician Said About Google Glass

Here’s Something Stupid An Australian Politician Said About Google Glass

Federal Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi perhaps isn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer. He’s been on record saying a few stupid things, the most recent of which saw him resign from his position as Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for suggesting that there’s be a link between gay marriage and the practices of polygamy and bestiality. Lovely. The senator maintains his own blog, and today he’s out saying silly things about Google Glass.

“[Google Glass] It could mean the end of privacy as we know it,” Bernardi wrote on his blog today, first reported by ZDNet.

“A single GG wearer in your favourite restaurant could capture your image and your conversation without you ever knowing. The footage would be stored on the Google servers, your voice could be translated into text and with the use of facial recognition, could be actually matched to your Google profile. You might even find it on a social media site somewhere for millions of others to see,” he added.

There’s certainly a privacy question to be answered over Google Glass, but it’s nowhere near as serious as Senator Bernardi makes out. What we see here is just a fear of change. Technological scaremongering to keep people anchored to rotary landlines, cassette players and black and white movies. While Senator Bernardi enjoys life in 1855, I’ll be over here enjoying glorious future tech.

Go read the full blog post for more. [Cory Bernardi – Common Sense via ZDNet]