Here Are This Year’s Hypercars (That You Can’t Have)

Here Are This Year’s Hypercars (That You Can’t Have)

We’re not talking price here — although as you might expect, these three hot little numbers, shown off at the Geneva Motor Show aren’t exactly cheap. No, there’s a more simple reason why you’re unlikely to be tooling around in one of these any time soon.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari showed off the highly oddly named LaFerrari, of which apparently only
495 are being made… and there are already orders for 700 of them, so it’s probably best to cross that one off your early Christmas list.

McLaren P1 Hypercar

McLaren’s P1 Hypercar is a hybrid 903hp monster with an achingly high £866,000 (~$1.27 million) price tag. Even if you could bridge that gulf, though, there will be fewer of these than of the LaFerrari, with McLaren only making 375 P1s. Still, it could be worse; your heart could be breaking for the

Lamborghini Veneno

If your Christmas budget is a little higher, there’s always the Lamborghini Veneno, yours for around $4.4 million. When I say “yours”, though, that’s a very, very, very select group. I might need to use very a few more times now, though, because while it’s fast (top speed 217mph) and can hit 186mph in just 17 seconds, Lambo is only going to make four of them.

So yeah, you’re probably not going to be able to score any of them, but it’s fun to look and drool. Just don’t drool on the paintwork — you’re almost certainly not affluent enough to.