Has Anybody Seen A Dinosaur In Canberra?

It sounds like the feed line for a political joke, but police are hunting down a dinosaur, and those who pinched it from the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra.

This wasn't a case of Dino getting the munchies and going for a walk. The ABC reports that the 1.6m tall, $2,400 Utahraptor statue was stolen from from the National Dinosaur Museum last Thursday night after it had been moved for landscaping renovations. The museum's Ben Wardle is quoted as saying that "it is quite heavy and awkward, it would require more than one person to carry it, and it wouldn't fit in an ordinary sedan." He's appealing for it to be returned — even anonymously — to the museum.

You know what would be cool? Having a life-sized dino in your front yard. You know what isn't cool? Stealing from museums. [ABC]

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