Growler/Keg Combo Keeps Beer Cold And Carbonated, Thinks Of Everything

Look, the majesty of nature is great and all, but camping would be a lot better if you had cold, carbonated beer at the end of a trek. And DrinkTanks has a growler on the way to help.

The double-walled stainless steel growler keeps 1.8 litres of beer cold all day. It has two cap options, a normal wire bale cap and a keg tap cap that has a tap hose and lets you inject CO2 and release excess pressure. There's also a handle for easy carrying.

The DrinkTanks Growler has already collected more than three times its Kickstarter goal, with three weeks left, but we'll have to wait for hands on. The growler is $US65 and up depending on things like colour, and the keg tap cap is an extra $US30, but with this setup you'll never be able to say keg tap cap correctly again, so it's probably worth it. [Kickstarter via Cool Material]



    4 times the goal now.
    But even so, the problem I have is cost and shipping. I think it's about 1.8L which is great, but it's $140 for the growler and the keg tap shipped here.
    Plus, It's not like you can walk into a pub and get them to fill you up (at least in NSW)

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      If you live in Brisbane, Green Beacon Brewing will fill your growlers. They sell growlers but not this fancy.

      Yeah we have the Mary Ellen in Newcastle that fills growlers. Also, this would be awesome for toting my homebrew to parties

    !.8L barely wets the whistle. Show me something that will hold a slab.

      Show me someone willing to carry a slab if you've got to walk to your camp site.

        If I'm camping, I'm drinking, so I guess that someone would be me!

    Mane liquor in belmont fill growlers for the western Australian drinkers.

    Pretty sweet - we've got growlers at our bottleshop in Sydney called Beer Cartel. There's also another growler offer on Kickstarter at the moment

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