Google Keep Note-Taking Service Is Now Live

Google Keep Note-Taking Service Is Now Live

Google Keep, Google’s note-taking product, was announced some time ago, but it’s only just gone live today. It cropped up briefly over the weekend, but Google Keep is now really truly officially a real thing on the internet that you can use. Oh, and it looks terrific.

Right now, the feature set seems relatively straightforward and limited. Google basically wants to help you track what you’re thinking about and doing. In addition to creating simple notes like the ones above, Google Keep also has a list-tracking feature:

There’s also an Android app for the service, which is live:

The whole app is colourful and fun, and the mobile interface in particular is crisco slick when it’s working.

We’ve noticed that Keep is experiencing early-life jitters and errors, but it’s good enough when it does work that it might depose Evernote as the king of thought-capture mountain. One thing you definitely notice is that the service is really lightweight, and some obvious features are missing. For example, you can share notes from the Android app, but there’s no obvious share feature on the web interface. [Google Keep via Google Blog]