Galaxy S IV Video Leaks Show Off Smart Pause, Gesture Recognition

A series of leaked videos purport to show off some of the Samsung Galaxy S IV's new control methods, including a smart pause system and touch-free control.

The smart pause system appears to intelligently notice when someone looks away, and then pause video after a second or two. Elsewhere, hovering a finger over images — not touching the screen, just holding a finger in mid air above it — opens a preview. In a test of the browser, one of the videos also shows that it's possible to navigate between pages and scroll up and down without actually touching the phone — it just requires a mid-air swipe in the right direction.

It's unclear what technology is powering all this — or, for that matter, whether it's genuine — but it sure looks neat. It will be interesting to see if these control methods are mentioned today, and, if they are, how big a deal Sammy makes of them.

"Floating touch" gesture control.

New web browing, including gestures.

Updated unlock screen.

[Sammy Hub via The Verge]

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