For Just 2 Million Dollars You Can Have Your Own Underwater Plane

It's one thing to have your own submarine. It's another to have your own submarine that's an awesome jet. And for just $US2 million that dream can come true with Spymaster's custom Orcasub.

The 22ft-long, 4-tonne monster is designed to descend to 1,000 feet, and on its way down, it flies through the water like a plane. Controlled with pedals and a joystick that control thrust, lift, and drag, the Orcasub can dive, roll, and bank just like a fighter jet, except in the water instead of the air. The Orcasub boasts 80 hours of life support and a 60,000 lumen lighting system. And, if you've really got cash to blow, you can max out that depth to 6,000 feet for a mere $US7.2 million dollars extra.

Should some crazy millionaire decide this is the purchase for him or her, Spymaster will provide the undersea pilots-to-be with five days of training. What a deal! But you better start saving up now; that initial investment is a zinger. [Pocket-Lint via Engadget]


    All it needs is heat seeking torpedoes to take out the sharks with frickin lasers attached to their heads!!

    Jeeves! Prepare a day bag, I wish to take the sub out.

    Maybe they should be installed on Clive Palmer's Titanic II ... or maybe he'll just have one installed next to his own cabin

    Now if only they had all the seating in one compartment... It's kinda hard to get laid in either of those tiny compartments... Unless you're dating a supermodel contortionist... In any case, *click buys*

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