'Fastest Smartphone Ever' Will Be Unleashed On March 14

Not, as you might think, the Galaxy S IV, but instead an Intel-based handset that's being touted as the "fastest smartphone ever". Something tells me it'll struggle to live up to that claim.

March 14 is of course when Samsung will officially announce the Galaxy S IV — or at the very least, something with a four in the title — but the gambit of being the fastest smartphone ever is apparently being taken up by Xolo, a company that has previously used Intel reference designs for smartphones only available officially in India.

No surprises, then, that its latest phone is also using Intel silicon under the hood, or that it's being launched in India, although it's not clear which particular Intel SoC it's using. Also unclear: Whether this is just hot air hyperbole, and whether we'll ever see it officially here in Australia. The smart money says no, but then the smart money realises that stating that something will be the fastest "ever" means that no further progress is possible. XOLO to unveil Intel-powered ‘Fastest Smartphone Ever’ on March 14. [Tech2 via PocketNow]

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