Dutch Horror Film Wants You To Use Your Smartphone While Watching

Checking your phone — or even worse, taking a call — during a movie is a massive social faux pas. A faux pas unless you're watching a new Dutch horror flick that explicitly wants you to use your smartphone as much as possible.

FirstShowing reports on Bobby Boerman's App, which is being hyped as "the first film with second screen" capability. A bit of a gimmick, to be sure, although presumably they're going to hype that feature above all else, so if you do go and see it (presuming it scores an Australian distributor) you could reasonably expect that everyone around you would be following along via App's app. Or getting lost between two screens and decrying the whole experience. Would an integrated movie-app experience entice you?

New Horror Film 'App' Encourages Cell Phone Interaction in Theaters [FirstShowing]

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