Debunking 50 Common Misconceptions

All the things that you thought you knew? Like that Vikings wore helmets with horns. Or that rice causes birds to explore. Or that Marie Antoinette said 'Let them eat cake'. Yeah, never happened.

John Green of Mental Floss created this video that debunked 50 common misconceptions. Your brain might explode after watching it all. But at least you get to explode other people's brain after. [Mental Floss]


    Or that rice causes birds to explore

    My question is, what were they going to explore?!

    Disagree on the hair shaving thing. Tested this when I was young and first heard about it. Shaved a random patch of hair on my stomach. Funny enough I now have a random dark patch of hair exactly where I shaved. Coincidence?


      Hair on your stomach?
      You mean that you cut open your abdomen and shaved a hairy internal organ?

      Shaving hair blunts the end of the follicle giving it greater surface area making it appear thicker and darker.

        Oh I mean all the hair around this one spot is very fine and sparse hair. And yet in this one spot, that I shaved, is now very thick growing and black hair. Massive difference.

          I heard from someone in the Beauty industry that the first hair to appear would be fine/small/lighter. Shaving/waxing it would cause the hair follicles to push up the 'regular' hair (thicker, darker). I'm no biology person though.

            I am a biologist. The hair shaft (or hair fibre) is not alive. In order to affect hair growth, the follicle, a living structure/organ in the skin that produces hair fibres must be affected. As shaving is principally the same as cutting your hair with scissors, the follicle is not changed in any way by shaving.

            Although there is some legitimacy to what your beauty industry person said. As hair follicles can grow multiple hair shafts, the different hair shaft that 'grows back' might actually be different in length and diameter. But as above, the cause for this new shaft growing is certainly not shaving. Just a natural part of the hair growth cycle.

            This site provides a pretty detailed explanation, including some convincing reasons for the misconception, and reference to a study:

    So first up, maybe the videos author hasn't read "To the Martyrs"... maybe go read it first before stating its not real...

      Is this in reference to the iron maiden myth? If so, Tertullian isn't describing an iron maiden (he's describing a box that nails are driven into from the outside) and his account is dramatic rather than historical. Tertullian wasn't born until nearly 500 years after Regulus died and is just one of many authors who dramatised the death of Regulus in different ways, in line with Roman efforts to vilify the Carthaginians.

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